First, you should register account as manager. For detail, please refer the Users Guide [basic].
Prepare to make order to cleaners.
Invite cleaners as partner to your account.
Register your properties information.
Make checklists.
Make cleaning orders.
Check the reports from cleaners.
01 . Invite your cleaning as partner.
You choose [Menu] > [Add friends].
[Friend search] You should input the cleaning partner mail address. Your partner does not register to Osouji-Help, our system will send the invitation mail to your partner. Please tell your partner that Osouji-Help send the invitation mail.
When your cleaning partner register Osouji-Help, you can find your partner from [Friend search] menu. You can set as cleaning partner.
02 . Register buildings and rooms.
You choose [Menu] > [Buildings] or building icon in the [Calendar] menu view.
Register building information.
Register rooms information.
Your buildings and rooms are registered.
For more detail of buildings and rooms management, please refer user guid for managers [Section2 Building management].
03. Register checklist.
In [rooms] view, select Sample Checklist.
Touch the right up menu, then choose [edit checklist].
You can edit the texts or sample photos in this view.
04. Make cleaning order.
In calendar view, choose the order button.
In [Order] view, set the each input items, and push order button.
05. Check the reports.
In notification view, choose the finish cleaning notification.
In [Detail report] view, check the reports contents.
When cleaner reports expences for supplies, you can choose OK or reject the invoice from cleaner in [Negotiate] view.
When you check all contents, push the [Accept] button.